Without our wonderful volunteers we could not possibly exist, and the invaluable service which we render to the schools and the not for profit agencies in this area would have to cease. So, you can see why you are so very important to us and to our community! We hope that you enjoyed working with us and have found the experience rewarding. We would very much appreciate your completing the following form as we are always trying to improve our services. Thank you.

What agency or school did you serve?

Did you enjoy your assignment? Why or Why not?

What suggestions do you have about your specific volunteer assignment?

Did you use our web site to find your volunteer opportunity?

Do you have any suggestions or comments to share about the web site?

Did you work directly with the Executive Director, Marietta Stevens?

Do you have any suggestions or comments to share about working with the Volunteer Pool or Rochelle Rubinoff?

What suggestions do you have about the Volunteer Pool placement and matching services?

Do you have any other comments or suggestions for the Volunteer Pool?

If you would like to be contacted about your comments or about future volunteer opportunities, please give us your name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

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