Six Great Reasons To Be A Volunteer:

  • Share Your Life Experience
    • You’ll be amazed how much you have to offer.
  • Feel a Unique Sense of Satisfaction
    • There’s no feeling like helping others.
  • Give Back to the Community
    • And you’ll develop a deeper bond with your hometown.
  • Meet New People
    • It’s exhilarating to connect outside your usual circles.
  • Explore New Career Options
    • Investigate a new field without risk, to see if it’s right for you.
  • Gain Experience That Enhances Your Employability
    • Broaden your background and employers will notice.
The Volunteer has the Right to:
  • A job that is worthwhile and challenging
  • Be trusted with necessary confidential information
  • Be kept informed about what is happening in the agency
  • Expect his/her tasks have been well planned
  • An Assignment that will promote learning and growth
  • Orientation and training
  • Receive advice and support from a designated supervisor
  • Out of pocket reimbursements, whenever appropriate
  • Be treated as a non-paid staff member

The Agency has the Right to:

  • Decline or dismiss any volunteer who is unsuitable for the position
  • Expect volunteers to complete assignments accepted
  • Give instructions as to how the work is to be done
  • Five the volunteer a trial or probationary period
  • Evaluate the volunteer’s performance
  • Demand quality performance
  • Report problems and progress to volunteer coordinator
  • Schedule volunteers when workspace is available
  • Their own opinion of merit of volunteer performance
  • Be respected and trusted as a colleague
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